HOT PEACES in Bonn 2007

PIA Actioned for the International Day of Peace
in Bonn and Vienna!
From the 29th August until 21st September 2007 PIA initiated 3 artistic-pacifistic interventions in public space: HOT PEACES.

29th of August
HOT PEACES pick a peace inspiration @ Friedensplatz, Bertha von Suttner Platz & Vivatstrasse, Bonn
30th of August
HOT PEACES action to participate and experience @ Vivatstrasse / Friedensplatzt, Bonn
21st of September
HOT PEACES interactive exhibition: celebrate the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE together! @ Kunstmuseum Bonn, 10am-2pm.
HOT PEACES in Bonn is part of the campaign for the International Day of Peace 21st of September 2007.
To see pictures & more info on this successful action click here!

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