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PIA's Peacetrain

We are proud to present you our latest project: PIA was invited to design one part of the new Mini-Peacetrain (operated by Lilliput Bahn) at Danube Park, close to the UN-headquater in Vienna. The Peacetrain, which set off to its maiden voyage on the 22. June 2011 is a new attraction for children and adults from around the world.

The PIA-railway car visualizes the ingredients for peace movements and is designed bilingually (German/English): We all already possess some of the peace qualities presented on the first section and can develop them further. Colourful birds not just white doves on the second part show that peace movements require diversity and that traditional peace symbols can be supplemented by new, creative ones. PIA-peace slogans and people in movement as well as the appeal "Move for peace!" are further motives of the train design.

Peace is a vital process which we can actively experience and contribute to!

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