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Danielle Bombardier

Professions: Housing Resource Manager COTS (AmeriCorps); B.S. in Molecular Genetics/Women’s Studies

Location: Burlington, VT, USA

Current Role in PIA!:
I am a Peace Joker! Currently collaborating from the US! I hope to bring some of the projects back home and get people involved in the PIA movement.

Other Professional Roles:
I work now in assisting low-income and homeless families to find and secure housing. In the past, I have been an au pair in Austria, and also a lab technician in a microbiology/immunology lab in Rochester, NY. I hope the future will brings some more exciting travel/work opportunities.

Background in PIA!:
I joined PIA when I moved to Vienna in July 2008. I helped with the “Hot Peaces” exhibition in Vienna for the International Day of Peace 08. This experience was very powerful and exciting and so I stayed involved as much as possible.

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