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Stefan Wanner

Professions:Logistics & Supply Chain Manager, web-designer, real estator

Location: Vienna, Austria

Current Role in PIA!:
My current activities within the PIA! network are very diverse. I mainly consider myself a Peace Joker within the network, which gives me the opportunity to join most of the fun and creative activities and public interventions hosted by PIA! Also, I am honored with the function as one of PIA's CEO's, besides being Webmaster of the PIA homepage. From project planning and development to everyday tasks like maintaining the website my duties within PIA are various. But exactly this variety of tasks makes the work for PIA unique and keeps my motivation high.

Other Professional Roles:
My work as a logistics manager in international air express & deep-sea vessel logistics include a strong focus on sollutions for global customer accounts, as well as customer retention, global billing instruments, sales and advanced customer services.
Many years of exposure to air, sea and road shipping gave me a wide insight on global coherences & interrelation.

Background in PIA!:
My first contact with the peace movement was thanks to the opportunities offered to me by Peace In Action, PIA! in 2004. Ever since, my passion for peace concepts and peace education, as well as work on non-violent strategies for conflict transformation grew stronger. PIA's unique combination of transporting diverse concepts of peace through vivid ways like art and rejoice helped me to develop a strong personal and professional interest in conflict management.

What next: I look forward to 2012 with exciting events and programs hosted by PIA.

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