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The project Fresh Peaces is hands-on and was designed with you in mind! Download the instructions, and play the Fresh Peaces Photo Safari with your class, children or youth group. Materials are included with the instructions. The project is fun, easy to carry out and offers a chance to discover peace in Your living environment.

Contact: freshpeaces “at” peaceinaction.net

Be active – start here!

The materials for the Fresh Peaces Photo Safari (brief instructions, playing cards, stickers) are available for you to download. Play Fresh Peaces, and let us know how it goes! Please send us photos or reflections on your experience with the PIA! materials. We would love to show them on our site, and we welcome suggestions.


PROJEKT INFO - Fresh Peaces - English


Project Description

Statement of Need
The theme “youth violence” is on everyone’s lips, and the need for innovative educational strategies to prevent violence is great. Every day, children and young people experience violence in the media as well as in their own lives. Therefore creative concepts and experiential knowledge are needed to juxtapose these pictures and experiences with positive images.
Fresh Peaces make non-violent potentials for children and young people visible and discover places where they themselves can create and mold their own peace. Together with groups of children and young people we can discover personal peace and peace in public spaces and constructively deal with the theme of violence in humorous and fresh new ways.

- To prevent violence through creative and positive means (advancing peace-competences, fostering civil courage)
- To discover and organize instantaneous places of peace in normal living spaces

Target Audience
Extracurricular youth work, children and youth groups, after school centers, etc.
Publicly in neighborhoods, media, among families, etc.

Project Focus
- Advancing the competence for peace
- Making peace an experience
- Documenting and visualizing peace in public spaces
- Leaving peace behind

The Team
- Lena Freimüller, MA. MA. (1975), is a clinical psychologist, peace pedagogue and trainer who develops innovative and creative educational concepts based on political and social challenges. She is the initiator and co-worker of Peace in Action, PIA!
- Sebastian Pranz, Dr. (1979), is a sociologist and media pedagogue focusing on mass media and the Internet. Since 2004 he has worked as a freelancer for the Children- and Youth Forum in Cologne, Germany.

Fresh Peaces comes to You – Invite us!
Invite the Fresh Peaces Team and create non-violent perspectives of their living space for children and young people!
We will happily accommodate your wishes and adjust our project concept to fit your community.
Contact: freshpeaces “at” peaceinaction.net

Pilot Project

Fresh Peaces Photo Rally in Bickendorf, Cologne, Germany
The first workshop of the “Fresh Peaces” series took place on May 17, 2008 at “Café Bikolo” in the Bickendorf district and was initiated by the Kinder- und Jugendforum Ehrenfeld in Cologne. A photo gallery from this event is displayed above.

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