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"In the year 2005 the 100th anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize award to Bertha von Suttner gives an excellent opportunity not only to honour and commemorate her outstanding performance but also to take the occasion to inform about her concern and her peace-activities.

She was the first woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, and she was the one who had originally convinced Alfred Nobel to donate a part of his property for peacework. Her concern and her publications are today just as acute as they were at that time.

In Austria and in several other countries (Tchech Republic, Switzerland, Norway, Germany etc.) various events are being planned to celebrate the anniversary and to publish information about her work. Exhibitions and symposiums, pädagogic projects and touristic offers are being developed to encourage peace activities which are presently as inalienable as at her life time." www.berthavonsuttner2005.info

PIA participates in the campaign to promote the ideas and visions of the austrian peaceactivist and jubilee with various activities.


27.-29.05.2005 Castle of Harmannsdorf (Austria)

PEACE, PROGRESS, AND WOMEN International Bertha-von-Suttner-Symposium 2005

We urge everbody who reads the following petitions, to participate in a concertant action!


The participants of the “International Bertha von Suttner Symposium 2005” decided to use all their influence for making an end to the detestable and injust toleration leaving Radovan Karadžić and Ratilo Mladić unapprehended.

Please write to the president or other leading politicians in your country, urging them to make an end to this nuisance! Send postcars, letters or faxes – and spread this request to let it become an immense action!

See below a sugestion for your letter to a politician



Ten years after the Peacetreaty for Bosnia and Herzegowina Radovan Karadžić and Ratilo Mladić are still not arrested. We (I) urge you to provide for their custody and their being delivered to the International Court now, - before the 10th memorial of the genozide of Srebrenica.

Signature (private or in the name of your organisation)

The participants of the symposium also agreed to write and sign a letter to the Austrian president Dr. Heinz Fischer to announce an annual 'Bertha von Suttner - Peace Price'. Click below to download the petition now!


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