Dress Your Dreams

Dress your Dreams was a creative arts project developed by PIA, permitting cross-cultural exchange and empowerment of people with special needs in Austria and Peru. It was carried out between February and September 2005 in Vienna.

The project was developed with 2B, a fair trade start-up NGO newly founded in Austria, linking up socio-economic benefits of people with special needs in Peru with creative fashion design. For this project, a triangular co-operation with the NGO “Balance” (project funder) was established and PIA granted a roof for 2B to function on this side of the Atlantic.

The workshop participants were employed at the shop floor of the NGO “Balance”, an association for integration and equal opportunities for persons with special needs. They printed their own artistic motives on 2B shirts produced and traded according to highest fair trade standards. “Silk screen presses” needed for the printing process were constructed within the workshop and specially adapted for the participants. The motives and statements were closely related to the personal situation of the artist, telling part of their story.

Artistic, psychologic and social pedagogic aspects were included in this very successful project, culminating in a fashion show. ”Dress Your Dreams“ enabled 2B to start a project series and PIA to translate economic and social peace into practice.

For more pictures and project details visit 2B

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