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Academic Action Days

Academic Action Days are integrative workshops for 'today's generation' of educators and are facilitated by a 'Joker Team' from PIA's pool of experienced trainers. These workshops aim to provide a forum for current and future educators to discover and strengthen their competences for building peace. Through the participation in presentations, interactive discussions, theoretical, practical and creative activities, and personal reflections, these workshops will guide current and future educators to a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities as the peace educators of tomorrow.

Objectives of the Academic Action Days

- to introduce the current Peace Education, Conflict Transformation and Intercultural Dialogue theories and principles.
- to impart practical understandings, skills, and activities in the areas of Peace Education, Conflict Transformation and Intercultural Dialogue.

- to share Peace Education resources with participants.

- to be a ‘living example’ of Peace Education.

What participants are saying about the Academic Action Days

"The workshop showed me some possibilities [of] how to look at the issue of peace and how to transform the theoretical knowledge into practical actions."
"The workshop gave so many new ideas for work and also for myself. It was so effective…"
"Peace is possible…that's what I took out of the workshop."
"[The] workshop was very inspiring and motivating…"
"I really enjoyed this workshop, and I learned a lot during these 3 days. It had an impact on my way of thinking … the impact was only the start on the first step in a new direction."

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