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HEISSE FRIEDEN is a series of artistic-pacifist interventions in public space. Overcome the cliché of peace as beeing passive, calm, and cheesy! It is about time to juxtapose cold wars, violence and powerlessness with HOT PEACES. Seize the opportunity and become aware of your own ideas on peace, and discover new, dynamic and absolutely hot peaces! Perhaps you will experience some moments of "blitzfrieden"...

In collaboration with erna+erich frauen.kunst.verein.

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Contact: lena.freimueller 'at' peaceinaction.net


"HOT PEACES – Peace-founders on their way in Bonn"


“HOT PEACES – peace-founders on their way in Bonn” is a three-part participative art project intervening in public space in Bonn, Germany.

“HOT PEACES in Bonn” was invited and is part of the campaign for the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE – 21st of SEPTEMBER, 2007.

1. Visualisation: HOT PEACES - pick a peace inspiration!
29th of August @ Friedensplatz, Bertha von Suttner Platz & Vivatstrasse, Bonn, starting at 11am

2. Action: HOT PEACES to participate and experience!
30th of August @ Vivatstrasse/Friedensplatzt, Bonn - 2pm- 4:30pm

3. Interactive Exhibition - HOT PEACES: celebrate the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE together!
21st of September @ Kunstmuseum Bonn, 10am-2pm

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