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“In order to combat the culture of violence that pervades our society, the coming generation deserves a radically different education – one that does not glorify war, but educates for peace and nonviolence and international cooperation”
Hague Agenda for Peace and Justice for the 21st Century

The Children’s Peace Treasury – 365 Stories of Peace from Around the World is dedicated to promoting peace education, peace culture, non-violence and the empowerment of children and young adults. The Children’s Peace Treasury is a collection of short stories, essays, poems and songs written by children for children (ages 8-19) and demonstrates, that regardless of ones lifestyle, country of origin, religion, upbringing and experiences, all societies and people place a high value on building and living in a more peaceful, non-violent and safe world. The Children’s Peace Treasury hopes to unite children in their visions for more peaceful transformations of conflict, and to teach children that peace is not only possible, but begins with each of us.

Individuals, schools and families are encouraged to participate in this project and submit their contributions.
This project is supported by the Austrian UNESCO Commission.

Selected entries will be compiled for publication and will be available for use in schools, homes and communities around the world.

YOU TOO CAN BE A PART OF THIS! We want the voices, ideas, and visions of children from different cultures to be heard and acknowledged.


For further information and project details please contact the project coordinators
Kim Coviello and Stefan Wanner.

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