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Peace In Action (PIA) is a network of today’s generation peace and
development activists, academics, practitioners and other individuals
from diverse walks of life.
PIA participants actively face the challenges of our world in crises!

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The PIA-Joker Team facilitated a large group action at the Montessori Conference in Lower Austria in April 2014. This years focus topic of this large scale gathering of German speaking pedagoges was „… because peace is the way“. Program link: www.montessori.noe-lak.at
24. April 2014 @ Neue Mittelschule Emmersdorf

PIA contributes movement to the peacetrain in Vienna
PIA was invited to design one part of the new Mini-Peacetrain (operated by Lilliput Bahn) at Danube Park, close to the UN-headquater in Vienna. The Peacetrain - which set off to its maiden voyage in 2011 - is an attraction for children and adults from around the world.
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Do It Yourself! - PIA Downloads

Download Materials Online Now!
The package includes all materials and directions for a creative and fun peace game which you can play with a group of children our youngsters in your community.
Download Materials Online Now!
Inspired by PIA’s Art of Peace Project HOT PEACES for interventions in public space - materials for creative education, discussion, play and change

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Combants For Peace is a group of Israeli and Palestinian individuals who were actively involved in the cycle of violence. Click here to learn more!

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